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Our Approach

Based in the DC metro area, Capital Coding Academy offers small group lessons for elementary and middle school students to learn to code. Whether your budding computer scientist is brand new to coding, looking to transition from Scratch to Python, or even enhance Python skills they've already developed, we are here to help. Our goal is not only for students to learn, but for them to have fun. Sessions are fully interactive and focused on game development. We find this approach keeps students engaged and wanting to learn more so they can develop games of increasing complexity that are as much fun to play as they are to code. We accept students of all skill levels, even those for whom using a computer is a new experience.

Lessons are offered in approximately 50 minute intervals and delivered using Zoom. Each session is fully interactive with a goal of being both fun and educational.

Our Services


This curriculum is geared towards younger ages. We will use Scratch; a software development platform that uses a graphical interface rather than text. 

Materials and Technology Needed:

  • Computer

Python 3

This curriculum is geared towards older ages. We 

will code in Python 3; a computer language used extensively in academics and business.

Materials and Technology Needed:

  • Computer

Coming Soon

We are working on adding Web Design and a variety of other items to our curricula.

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