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Capital Coding

One-on-one coding lessons taught by students at Harvard and Yale


Coding is one of the most important skills one can have that opens many more doors than just an engineering career! As Steve Jobs put it: "everyone should learn how to code a computer, because it teaches you how to think." Developing these kind of skills at an early age not only sets students up for success at school, but also in the future whether you pursue STEM or a different career!

Image by Laurenz Heymann


Capital Coding Academy has been a great experience for our 9 year old aspiring game designer. His instructor is top notch, thorough and engaging while being receptive and patient. I can't recommend CCA enough for parents who may be on the fence regarding coding or online education. I've learned so much about coding myself because of the enthusiasm my kid brings to the dinner table after a session. He's so spirited when talking about what he learned and with a degree of knowledge that's very impressive. As an initially skeptical parent I'm very happy we enrolled, it's been great to learn something practical and enriching in a safe space with skilled people.

—  Ron G, Parent

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